A connected Diamond Open Access publishing landscape in which a diverse range of scholarly publishers support the advancement of open, inclusive and sustainable publishing approaches in line with national and international standards for the benefit of all.


To advance, promote and recognise excellence in Irish open access publishing through knowledge sharing, collaboration, educational activities, events and the Annual IOAP Awards, engaging a wide range of actors in the scholarly publishing landscape including faculty, students, librarians, researchers, academic managers, funders, policy makers, publishing indexes, student bodies and open access organisations. 

The IOAP supports publishers to establish or transition journals to the diamond open access model in which scholarly content is free to publish and free to read. The IOAP encourages synergies across publishing approaches.


All IOAP activities are informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in terms of free and open access to information and the inclusion of all voices in scholarly publishing. Other core values include: